Winchester model 70 swivels

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The Winchester Model 70 was, and still is, a different rifle for different people. For some it represents one of, if not the greatest American rifles ever created because of the practical elements of its design. The Model 70 brought together elements of the Mauser 98, and the Springfieldthen blended and improved on them both to produce one of the most iconic bolt action rifles of the twentieth century: the other iconic rifle being the Mauser But the Model 70 Winchester became recognized as a great rifle not just because of its design, which is second to none, but also because of the people it became associated with, and their journeys to fascinating places in search of exotic game.

Advertisement for the Winchester Model 70 from September Picture courtesy Winchester. Living in London had some advantages, and some disadvantages. London was home to some of the great gun and rifle-makers so there were gun shops one could visit and gawk at the gorgeous blued steel and fine walnut offerings on the gun racks. But in London there are no majestic elk wandering around in Hyde Park. There are no exotic Argali sheep to be found grazing along Pall Mall or The Strand: and if there were, and you wandered around Hyde Park with a loaded rifle looking to score yourself one of those majestic elk a British Bobby would soon be on the scene to put an end to your trophy hunting expedition.

So there was no way for a spotty English teenager to get started in big game hunting. It was in these articles and books that the Winchester Model 70 shone as the great American rifle, with the Weatherby getting honorable mention also. The original Model 70 had ceased production in The Winchester Model 70 pre was not just one of the best and most practical bolt action rifles ever created: it became a cultural icon.

Note the Controlled Feed action is back complete with Mauser 98 style claw extractor. For me to say that the current production Model 70 is a better rifle than the original pre will likely be regarded as sacrilege by some.

But the current model blends the best features of the original pre, with the anti-bind feature of the later post, and puts them together in a rifle that is arguably better made, better finished, and with quality control second to none.

Prince Abdorreza with a Barbary sheep in Chad, The story of the creation of the original Winchester Model 70 really begins back innot with the creation of the Mauser 98, but with the Battle of San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War that year.

Uncle Sam put his thinking cap on and decided that his soldiers needed a new rifle, like the Mauser, but better. This led to the creation of the Springfield rifle and the cartridge. The designers of the Springfield decided to give the action a coned breech to ensure absolutely reliable feeding.

winchester model 70 swivels

Both Remington and Winchester saw a ready market for affordable bolt action rifles and took quite different approaches to building them. Remington opted to use the war surplus M Enfield action and build their sporting rifle around it.

This meant that the rifle they were selling was a sporterized military rifle.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. Download Hi-Res Image.

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winchester model 70 swivels

Browse the schematic and find the Winchester Model 70A aftermarket parts that you need to complete your restoration or repair project. Numrich has a wide selection of Model 70A and the schematic to help you find what you might be missing.

Numrich has been providing parts like these since and is trusted by firearms enthusiasts the world over! Shop for your Winchester Model 70 aftermarket parts now! Notifications Close.

Manufacturers Winchester Rifles 70A. Winchester Rifles 70A Browse the schematic and find the Winchester Model 70A aftermarket parts that you need to complete your restoration or repair project.

Model 70 Stealth

Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Breech Bolt All Calibers Except. Part Key: 2. Out of Stock. Enlarge Image. Breech Bolt Sleeve, Stripped Product : Part Key: 3. Part Key: 4.

Part Key: 5. Part Key: 6. Part Key: 7. Part Key: 8. Breech Bolt Stop Product : B. Part Key: 9. Part Key: Ejector, All Calibers Except.The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle. It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced inearning the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle". The Model 70 was originally manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company between and From the early s untilWinchester rifles were manufactured by U.

Inassembly was moved to Portugal. InWinchester introduced the Model 70 bolt-action rifle to the American market.

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The Model 70 was largely based on the Model 54and is today still highly regarded by shooters and is often called "The Rifleman's Rifle". Throughout its life, the Model 70 has been offered in many grades and styles. Over the entire production of the Model 70, chamberings have included:. The pre Model 70s were manufactured from through after which time significant changes in the design and manufacture of the rifles were made.

Pre Model 70s bring a substantial price premium due to a public perception that they were better, as they had several desirable features Mauser-type controlled round feed, cut checkering that the post version did not. The best way to identify a pre Model 70 Winchester rifles is the serial number and the fore-end screw to secure the barrel to the stock.

The receivers of these Model 70s were machined from bar stock steel. The original Model 70 quickly established an excellent reputation with American sportsmen. It was a high-quality action of considerable strength, with two forward locking lugs and a Mauser-type non-rotating claw extractor. The key benefit of the Mauser-type extractor compared to later versions is that it more positively extracts the spent casing.

This feature is often referred to as "controlled round feeding" CRF because the extractor captures the rim of a cartridge as it is fed upwards from the magazine and controls its journey forward into the rifle's chamber.

Later designs referred to as "push feed," only capture the cartridge by the magazine lips and the chamber and the cartridge is not held to the bolt face until a spring-loaded extractor is pushed over the cartridge's extractor groove.

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The smaller extractor of the push feed action may slip or break off a spent casing stuck in the chamber under adverse conditions. Therefore the more positive extraction of the controlled round feeding action is favored by some shooters, especially those who pursue dangerous game, who require rifles to extract reliably.

This function is necessary to allow subsequent cartridges to be fed and fired in a bolt-action rifle with only a single barrel. The ejector on the original Model 70 was of the blade type similar to that of the Mauser 98, but considered superior as it did not require a Mauser-type slot through the left locking lug; instead, there was a slot in the bolt face below the locking lug, leaving both forward lugs solid and hence stronger.

The main benefit of the blade type ejector is it is simpler and perhaps more reliable being considered less susceptible to ingress of foreign matter when compared to the later post plunger ejector in the bolt face controlled by a coil spring.This model 70 factory original part was manufactured by Winchester in New Haven, Ct. Don't miss your chance to get one of these hard to find original Winchester factory parts. Note: It is recommended that all Winchester Model 70 parts be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith.

Production of the Winchester Model 70 started in It has gone through many changes over the years, but is currently still in production today. Repeating Arms Co. While dating your Model 70 by serial number can be difficult, and there are many "legends" about why the historic serial number records for Winchester rifles and shotguns are not complete or why they are not always verifiable.

A few reasons cited are:. There is probably some kernel of truth to all of them. But the fact remains; there is no original, single, totally accurate database of serial numbers from forward that we are aware of. But perhaps this page can help you somewhat in your research.

Model 70 Super Grade

Records for rifles produced after have not been released. However you can call Winchester Firearms directly to inquire about the date of production on your rifle. Winchester can be reached directly at Using the information above you should be able to determine when your Model 70 was produced.

And as such follow the chart below for part availability. Winchester made 3 different style bolts for the Winchester model Each of these bolt use different parts, so it is important to understand which bolt you have in your rifle.

Use the figures below to determine which bolt you have. And as shown in Figure 1 a retaining pin for the ejector is visible from the outside. Also shown in figure 2 is that a push feed bolt has a completely inletted bolt face. While the extractor is the most common way to identify this bolt style you can also look at the bolt face figure 4 and see that it does not have a small extractor, and does not include an ejector.

As seen in figure 5 there is not a long "claw" extractor. And in figure 6 you can see that the bolt uses the small style extractor, but the bolt face is not completely inletted. The 1 piece, the 2 piece, and the DBM detachable box magazine versions. These are each in addition to having a blind magazine, which requires nothing accept a trigger guard.

And each Model 70 stock requires the use of a specific floor plate assembly.Bob's Gun Shop Inc.

winchester model 70 swivels

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Far Above the Conventional Semi Finish.Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: Winchester 71 sling swivels. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Winchester 71 sling swivels Does anyone on this sight know where I can buy a set of sling swivels to fit an original Winchester model The studs are on the gun but the sling and swivels are gone and the mount is wider then normal. Thanks for the help. Take your bank's letter of credit with you, though - they cost more than hen's teeth.

Experience is a wonderful thing - It lets you recognize a mistake, when you make it again. Win 71 Ditto to what petro said.

Stock Swivel Eye

The same would be true for the 71 bolt peep! That may require your Swiss bank account also. I think the swivels were a special item for the 71 made by Winchester or on contract by another company? As you can see by the width of the swivel base on the 71 they are wide and odd sized.

What can work until you find a set good luck! NOT like jaws. If done with care, won't hurt or change the gun.

Winchester Model 70

They work fine but are not "quick detach"! I think they are the same as some mod. Frankie's gun repair said he might have a set W71 swiv. Here's one. The stand off height is about 1". Last edited by ; at AM. Find out if they are the same as used on Winchester Super Grade M's.

I think the rear bases were the same on both rifles and the front base in the fore end iron should be the same width. Agree with JT. They look interchangeable if not identical. Some sources list them as the same. Gunsamerica has a pair listed for Since it's a classified deal no telling if still available. Originally Posted by cztrouba.

Does anyone on this sight know where I can buy a set of sling swivels to fit an original Winchester model The 70 and 71 are not the same The 71 used a detachable sling. The rear mount it the same size as a m70 super but the ring is detachable. I will add a pic but computer is slow this morning. Last edited by shotman; at PM. There are some for sale there right now. I found a set with original sling and you were all right they are pricey.